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Ready, Set… Write!

Creativity is a funny thing and it’s definitely something you can (and should!) practice and nurture. When I began at LudoCraft eight years ago, I found something that immediately struck my creative streak: NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. Or just NaNo which can affectionately mean the whole month or the novels created during that month. Each November an eager group of LudoCraftians take part in a global phenomenon. They begin their journey through the sweat, tears and insomnia (no blood!) of writing 50 000 words of fiction.

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To Ludum Dare or not to Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a competition, held three times a year, in which game developers all over the world aim to make a game fitting a given theme. The challenge is that you only have two days to finish your game and you get to know the theme of the game right before your 48 hours start. Avid game makers and game changers  as we are, many ludocraftees have participated in the competition over the years (with Teemu Väisänen from our art team winning the whole thing a while back with his game Superdimensional. The latest Ludum Dare was held in April with the theme Shapeshift. Heikki Törmälä from our coding team braved the challenge. He shared his process in what it takes to make a game in 48 hours. There are some tips in there for the would-be Ludum Dare contestant and game developer in general.

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Summertime Clashing – 5 Pro Tips for Winning in Clash Royale

It might seem weird that we would write an entire text about the best methods to win at a game that isn’t even made by us. However, when you make games for a living, it’s important to play games made by other people to gain perspective on your own work. This is also a view our CEO encourages, for example in this article. Sorry it’s in Finnish only. Besides, LudoCraft is big on games that celebrate collaboration, so Supercell’s Clash Royale makes sense in that regard, too. But what have we learned from our fierce adventures with Clash Royale?

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