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Cars, Code and More – Lending a Helping Hand to Fingersoft for HCR and HCR2

Cars, Code and More – Lending a Helping Hand to Fingersoft for HCR and HCR2

Hill Climb Racing on phone


We’ve been trusted by Fingersoft to add to their coding resources. We’ve worked on both the original Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2.


We’ve also helped with graphic resources by creating new character and vehicle to Hill Climb Racing 2. We have also freshened up the UI/UX of the original Hill Climb Racing.

Extra Development Resources Just Down the Street

With Fingersoft‘s amazing success over the years, it is important to maintain quality experiences for the players of the flagship titles, Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2. Juggling live-ops titles means that you don’t always have the in-house resources to make things happen as swiftly as they would need to happen, so that it does not affect the player experience and the bottom line.

Therefore, we are happy that our paths have crossed so many times during our companies histories. Both Fingersoft and LudoCraft have their roots firmly in Oulu. Our offices are located just a small hop and a skip away from each other. However, being connected by location does not reduce the fact that we are very happy Fingersoft has trusted us to work on both Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2.

Being able to help Fingersoft with their flagship titles both in coding as well as with graphics provides us with a unique look under the hood of the most addictive and entertaining physic-based game ever. Moreover, with the particular skill set that our development team has, we are able to help Fingersoft by isolating specific entities and working on them quite independently.

Kid playing Hill Climb Racing on phone
Kid playing Hill Climb Racing on phone

Anything Goes

The best part about working with Fingersoft is the diverse nature of the work. We get to utilize our knowhow on a wide scale.

In the world of coding, our team has worked on many different parts of HCR and HCR2. Without going too much into detail, it is safe to say that we have worked on smaller things to larger entities. Basically, whatever the coding need on Fingersoft’s side is, we are there to help.

From the graphics perspective, we have been able to work on the UI/UX facelift for Hill Climb Racing. In addition, we have worked on a new vehicle and character design for Hill Climb Racing 2. The character and vehicle development in particular was a fun project, as we got to start the work from scratch. Fingersoft gave us some key words and an overall idea of what they need for HCR2.

From there we got to go in and start our work from concepting. We worked quite independently but communicated with Fingersoft’s graphics team regularly to make sure our vision matches theirs. The end result is a clown called Pierre who drives a scooter. We are all super pleased with the melancholic look of Pierre. It plays with the sad clown trope while still sitting really well into the world of HCR2.

LudoCraft Way of Working

With an ever increasing portfolio of successful games, it’s good to know that we have a trusted partner we can call on to help. LudoCraft is able to crystallize our initial need and deliver precise results. We worked as a deep virtual team with fluent communication.

– Markku Voho, Head of Game Development, Fingersoft

Putting Oulu on the Map

Over the years we have developed a close relationship with Fingersoft. After all, Oulu is not that big of a place. It’s easy to stay in touch and ask for a helping hand every now and then. It’s almost like borrowing a cup of sugar from your next door neighbor.

And speaking of neighborly relationships, Fingersoft’s role in establishing the Game Development Hub, called Apaja, to Oulu is a really remarkable feat. After all, it takes vision and passion to take all the things that make our small corner of the world special and compile it into a knowhow nexus of game development.

Therefore, working with Fingersoft is not only about working on code and graphics. It is living true the vision of making Oulu the game development capital it can be.

Start Your Engines and Play HCR and HCR 2

Rev up your engines and join the Hill Climb Racing experience – both games are currently available to download now!

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