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Summertime Clashing – 5 Pro Tips for Winning in Clash Royale

It might seem weird that we would write an entire text about the best methods to win at a game that isn’t even made by us. However, when you make games for a living, it’s important to play games made by other people to gain perspective on your own work. This is also a view our CEO encourages, for example in this article. Sorry it’s in Finnish only. Besides, LudoCraft is big on games that celebrate collaboration, so Supercell’s Clash Royale makes sense in that regard, too. But what have we learned from our fierce adventures with Clash Royale?

We have learned at least that it’s a fun enough game to write a post about before we go gallop off to our summer holidays. (The upcoming holiday is also a reason for the pose-y pictures below.)  We have an avid team of players among us with troops from both the art and code departments. When casually asked what tactics are best from one Ludocraftian over an ice cream break, the room quickly filled with people pitching in on how to play the game best. The consensus was that it’s too complicated of a game to lock down to a few simple rules. Despite this, below is an effort to narrow down tactical tips that can be deemed useful.

5 tactical tips on how to win in Clash Royale:

1.) First things first: do not attack first! Clash Royale is not a game to which ‘the best defence is offence’ rule applies. Set up your defence and wait for your opponent to attack, then use your remaining plus additional troops to counter attack. To further your chances of winning try to use as little elixir as possible when in defence mode, this way you’ll have more when it’s your turn to strike furiously back. (There is an opposing view to this in which you just hut spam like crazy.)

2.) While on the defence steer (or lure) your opponent’s troops in the middle with your own troops. This makes your opponent vulnerable to fire from both towers with an added bonus of making them move the longest possible route to get to you. And, obviously, the cheaper the defence units the better.

3.) Don’t be a mental case. Remember the good old days when Wii suggested every now and then you take a break? A break prevents your winning streak from becoming a whining streak. Play a maximum of five games in a time span of two hours and if you lose more than two matches, take a break. Losing too much or playing too intensively numbs your brain out and you’re going to start making dumb mistakes. And faster than you can say ‘Lava Hound’ your ranking goes way down.

4.) Be a mental case. Or rather make your opponent one. Use emojis to not only distract your opponent but also to make them go over the edge. People don’t make the best decisions when angry or provoked. Some might say that this is a scummy tactic. It kinda is.

5.) The split & lick: place your troops behind your castle (minion horde is cheap and effective). This makes them split into two groups and you get to advance on two lanes. Sure it takes a while longer to get to your opponent but this way you’ll get to attack on two fronts while saving elixir.

With this assortment of tips and pictures from our summer party we wish you all a light-hearted and happy summer, especially to those who intend to spend their holiday playing games (like a lot of us)!

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