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Imagine a game we make it a reality

Gamified design and development partner for those who dare to push the limits.

We combine service design, data analytics and game technology to develop truly unique services that benefit your business.

Games are a media that combine technology, psychology, art and interaction into a seamless experience. It is a powerful tool that can be used to motivate, educate and transform businesses and organisations for the better.

Get Going with Gamestorm

This is the first step on our road together. It’s a mix between a first date and a therapy session. We use games and gamified methods to generate ideas and get to the bottom of things. We want to discover your biggest problem. This forms the core on which your solution is built.

Concept Makes it Concrete

Once we have found out what is the core of your solution, we start the building process in a very concrete way. We create the rules that define how the solution – your game – works. The look and feel of your game is illustrated, and the production process is mapped out.

Try It Out with a Prototype

When you are happy with the concept, we start making a playable version for you. It can be on mobile or desktop, depending what works best for you. The prototype has all the essential components of your finished game. This is the first time you get to test everything out in action.

Your Solution: A Game

Get ready to be amazed – your game is here! To create it we’ve used all our accumulated knowledge on games and the insight you possess of your world. Together we’ve distilled it all into a neat package and created a solution using the most powerful tool of all time: a game.

Our Work

We are into games because we know they work. Games are a strong tool to bring change from creating new knowledge to improving the way you operate. In a way, games biohack your brain into viewing the world a little bit differently. But you don’t have to take just our word for it. Take a look for yourself on what we have accomplished with the power of games. We work both in entertainment and serious games.


Gávpotfearán for Sámi Parliament of Finland

Learning the Sámi vocabulary through city adventures.

CostMaster for Nokia

CostMaster for Nokia

Total Cost of Ownership takes the shape of a game.

S4MPO for WayOut

S4MPO for WayOut

Save the world in a thrilling escape room experience.


HeatSeeker for District Heating Companies

Enhancing the customer experience with a browser-based game.

Donald Duck CodeMaster for Sanoma

Donald Duck CodeMaster for Sanoma Kids Media

Learn to code with the legendary Donald Duck comic stories.

Hill Climb Racing for Fingersoft

Hill Climb Racing for Fingersoft

See our contribution to one of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving games.

Using games as a tool we deliver change, positive impact and measurable results that uplift your operations.

Our team of game experts model even the most complex of phenomena into an easy-to-approach game or gamified solution. As a result you save time, trouble and resources.

Our data-driven scientific approach stems from our game research unit background. It has proven to be an excellent foundation for creating game solutions that fit different needs. Especially in a world where understanding the motivations and drivers of the human experience is increasingly vital for success.

Clients LudoCraft Have Worked With

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Clients LudoCraft Have Worked With

Companies that LudoCraft has worked with

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LudoCraft Way of Being

LudoCraft is a group of individuals who came together to form a team. We usually talk about programmers and graphic artists. But in reality we are so much more. We are mathematicians, authors, teachers, business developers, physicists, musicians, painters and a lot of other things, too. In short we are the people who will create your solution.

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LudoCraft work culture
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Latest Thoughts

Here are some things that we’ve been thinking about lately. You’ll find insight on the ways we work, what we love and how we distill ideas into games. We hope these small nuggets shed light on the wonderful world of games and inspire you on your journey.

Customer Case: AR Goes Dogfight

Like many of us know, augmented reality is kind of a big deal these days. As I don’t consider myself to be a tech-head, I don’t necessarily get the most excited about new technology as such. The thrill of…

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