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Gamescom Advice, No Advice

Sometime ago I, like many people in this industry, found myself in Cologne. For gamescom. We, like many people in this industry, were there to see if our upcoming title would track any interest. We’re happy with the results. So, here I am, finding an angle to write about on what it means for an indie developer. However, the muddling that happens in one’s brain during a week of hectic expo life is something that seems to prevent me from creating a beautiful post mortem. So it’s your choice at this point to decide if you’re going to get anything useful out of what I’m sure are going to be ramblings that may or may not have a point to them.

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Sound of Silly

When people ask what I do for a living precisely, I usually say I make sound effects for video games. That’s not the truth though, it’s a just convenient answer and not a lie. I do tech support. And video shooting plus editing. Occasionally script writing. I think I once wrote few lines of code that actually survived to a shipping product. And I make sound effects, too. Sound effects take the most time, so I’ve chosen that as my default answer.

I once made a sound for something that was essentially a thinly veiled bouncing boob joke. My first attempt was a sort of ”sproing” sound. The client did not feel that was what they were after and I got the feedback ”The sound should be more round and organic.” That’s the art school way of saying: ”Not good enough. Try again.” My second, more wobbly, attempt sold the joke.

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