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Gamescom Advice, No Advice

Sometime ago I, like many people in this industry, found myself in Cologne. For gamescom. We, like many people in this industry, were there to see if our upcoming title would track any interest. We’re happy with the results. So, here I am, finding an angle to write about on what it means for an indie developer. However, the muddling that happens in one’s brain during a week of hectic expo life is something that seems to prevent me from creating a beautiful post mortem. So it’s your choice at this point to decide if you’re going to get anything useful out of what I’m sure are going to be ramblings that may or may not have a point to them.

In my endeavours to find something useful to share while showcasing the incredible wit I naturally possess, I keep thinking about play. After all, it is one of LudoCraft’s core values. I toy around with the idea of transforming gamescom into a game, unlocking achievements and becoming the master of it all by the end. Somehow I can’t bring myself to drag the analogue to its completion despite the fact that it would make a delicious and easy-to-follow post. But I kind of feel it would make everything a bit predictable. Don’t you think?

I would also love to spoil you with a carefully thought out “how to survive gamescom” post where I give you pro tips on where to go, how to network and as a funny-but-true statement remind you about the importance of food and caffeine as components that help with human interaction. I could also tell you how to network your butt off even though you have a tendency to be an introvert. And, again, insert the same funny-ish note about caffeine as human interaction fuel (and alcohol for the PEGI 18 version). But I won’t. I don’t think it adds to anything. Because the bottom line is to build up courage, believe in yourself, believe what you’re saying, show that you love what you do and just be yourself. It’s the same ancient wisdom that any nineties self-help book will equip you with. Besides, I think telling you to be yourself would be predictable, too. And at this point you’re right to ask if this post has given you even a nugget of insight into anything and why is it that you’re still reading this?! You’re almost to the end, no point giving up now. Read on!

With not telling you really anything thus far, I am stuck with this notion: gamescom is a beautiful event where you give it your all, work insane hours, laugh, have fun and ultimately find out that your teammates are always by your side. If you’ve had a late night they even make sure you wake up early enough to catch the plane home. So I guess the lesson from gamescom is this: choose the people you work with wisely. It’s like Indiana Jones choosing the Holy Grail in the Last Crusade, the wrong one will burn you alive but the right one will make you shine even brighter. I chose wisely, go do the same.

The writer is LudoCraft’s Global Sales and Brand Manager, Anne Ryynänen, who would like to thank everyone she met at gamescom this year. If you want to see what our team of carefully selected people can do for you, click on this contact form. Alternatively you can message Anne on Twitter @pikkukapy