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Sales Pitch Game

Sales Pitch Game

Sales Pitch Game is a prototype of a role-playing card game used to train sales or idea pitching.

When Sales Pitch Game is used, one person pitches his idea to an audience and each person in the audience is each given a card representing a specific role. These roles vary from “Mr. Know-it-all” to “Mrs. Critique”. The role cards tell people on which specific things in the pitchers presentation they should focus on and give feedback about.

As the audience gives their feedback from behind their given roles, the feedback comes from a much wider perspective than normally and it also doesn’t fall into personal level too easily. In addition talking from behind a role character makes it easier for quieter and more shy people to give feedback.

Various test situations have proven that the Sales Pitch Game concept works well by making giving feedback easier and providing the pitcher a wider and more no-nonsense feedback. Sales Pitch Game can easily be used in all kinds of pitching situations, from real ones to training for a real one.