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Gavpotfearan privacy policy

Privacy Policy
Last updated February 3, 2021

LudoCraft Oy built the Gávpotfearán app as a Commercial app.
This SERVICE is provided by LudoCraft Oy and is intended for use as is.

No personal information is collected
Gávpotfearán does not collect any personal information. No collection tools are used.

No in-app purchases
Gávpotfearán does not contain in-app purchases.

No ads
Gávpotfearán does not contain any advertising.

No social media integration
Gávpotfearán does not contain any integration to social media sites or services.

No push notifications
Gávpotfearán does not contain push notifications.

No external links
Gávpotfearán does not link to external web pages.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:
LudoCraft Oy
Kasarmintie 23
90130 Oulu