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How to Exercise without Exercising – 3 Protips!

Do you know what I hate? Exercise. Do you know what I love? Playing Just Dance. Here is a very simple reason why: you get to jump around like an idiot pretending you’re just short of Lady Gaga with your awesome moves. The video that the game compiles immediately after each performance always cleanses me of such illusions. A keen-eyed reader might find themselves thinking: “But dancing is exercise.” Whaaaat?! Mind b-l-o-w-n. With game and play you can at least try to make exercising fun for even a short-spanned soul such as myself. How? I’ll tell you! When? Now!

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Ready, Set… Write!

Creativity is a funny thing and it’s definitely something you can (and should!) practice and nurture. When I began at LudoCraft eight years ago, I found something that immediately struck my creative streak: NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. Or just NaNo which can affectionately mean the whole month or the novels created during that month. Each November an eager group of LudoCraftians take part in a global phenomenon. They begin their journey through the sweat, tears and insomnia (no blood!) of writing 50 000 words of fiction.

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