Birds is a collection of educational games targeted for kids. The game has been designed for Liminganlahti Nature Centre to be used as a part of their permanent exhibition. 

A series of 9 games illustrate the particularities of local bird species in a beautiful and interactive way. Children can learn about migration destinations, behaviour, natural enemies and the like. 

The mechanics used in the production of the nine different games are scalable to various kinds of other games.

“Co-operation with LudoCraft went really smoothly and well in the production of the bird games, despite the schedule being really tight. I was particularly glad that we got realistic bird characters in the games because one of the purposes for the games is to learn about the birds; their behaviour and life in the wild. The most amazing thing is that the games, which have been completed in 2012, are still (2018) in use and they are one of the most important interaction factors in our exhibition centre. The youngest people to use the touchscreen games have been one year old and the games have inspired also the elderly to play. I can recommend cooperation with LudoCraft.”

–Ulla Matturi, Visitor Centre Manager, Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, Metsähallitus